Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Candy - Ugh!!

                 Easter candy has invaded our house.   While I know that we can’t eat healthy and fit all the time, the candy addiction bothers me.  I just can’t seem to stop eating it.  Remember the tag line for certain potato chips:  “you can’t eat just one.”  When it comes to candy, this is my motto.  I seem to be okay with my one planned piece of Dove dark chocolate once a day.  But when it comes to milk chocolate, especially the ones filled with peanut butter, I turn into a melted chocolate mess.  I can’t resist eating them until they are gone!  I gave my husband the rest of the box of smidgens to take to work with him so I don’t have to be faced with them all day.  What’s a smidgen you ask.  It is a nugget of delicious milk chocolate in the shape of bunny.  Some are filled the peanut butter.  It can be eaten in two bites and lends itself well to eating multiple bunnies over and over. 

                To make this all worse, it’s Spring break so the kids are home all week.  Before going grocery shopping, the kids asked for some special treats in the way of junky cereal.  They settled on Cap n Crunch and Fruity Cheerios.  In the grand aisle of cereal these are not that bad.  However, once again I cannot resist the handfuls of cereal that I have when serving the kids their breakfast.  I did break down and just have a bowl for breakfast this morning! 

                So, I will work through this week with less exercise and more candy, and probably come out a little heavier.  But I will return to healthy eating as soon as possible.  Or I will just have to hide the candy…