Thursday, February 9, 2012

Picture Menus?

                My parents took us out to dinner on Friday night.  Choosing healthier options in restaurants is always a challenge for everyone in the family.  Notice I said healthier and not healthy!  Jacob, my five year old, is usually hungry and whining and asking what’s on the menu.  So I took his menu so I could tell him what his choices were.  Because he is still in the pre-reading stage, I can censor what the menu has to offer.  Not that night!!!  It was a picture menu!  I couldn’t leave out the items I didn’t want him to order.  Going through the whole menu, which was extensive and offered some decent choices, Jacob decided on the Crispy Chicken Crispers.  Apparently, this is the signature dish at this restaurant for both adults and children and is trademarked.  Of course, he ordered French fries with his meal.  We were way beyond ordering broccoli or cinnamon apples! 
                The crispers came and he loved them.  No surprise here!   I had to have a little taste and I have to admit they were good.  Mainly chicken white meat pieces, battered and fried – they tasted like good fried chicken! 
                So, the lesson learned here is that I cannot control everything – though I try!  And Jacob is okay after eating fried chicken for dinner at a restaurant once.  What’s the saying about the best laid plans…

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