Thursday, November 8, 2012

Coming Clean Day 3

          So, it's day 3 and believe it or not I am still okay!  One friend said to thank God that he created so many different vegetables - she is right!  I have eaten all kinds of lettuce, red cabbage, butternut squash, snow peas, carrots, green beans, a sweet potato, and tomatoes.  I have found that a little oil and vinegar mixed with salt and pepper makes a good salad dressing - I am not supposed to eat anything packaged. 

          The biggest issue I have had was making gingerbread houses yesterday.  I am proud to say that I did not taste the dough at all!  Not even one little taste.  I am little embarassed to say that because I didn't eat any of the dough I had enough to make an extra house - they are small, but still.

          The other issue has been eating with my family.  For dinner last night, while I was having one more salad, they were eating the chicken that smelled so good in the crockpot all day.  And of course we still have some good Halloween chocolate left.
          I haven't weighed myself yet.  I am afraid to actually.  I'm afraid to see that after all these vegetables I will not have lost anything.  Stay tuned, because eventually I will have to get on the scale. 

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