Thursday, November 29, 2012

Off the Wagon

          I have a friend who tells me that when she is not doing so well nutritionally or not exercising she is "off the wagon!"  Well, Thanksgiving knocked my off the wagon and into the ditch.  I have been trying to crawl out of the ditch since Monday. My nutrition counselor did tell me to enjoy Thanksgiving and have what I wanted.  WELL - I don't think he meant it for 4 days.  Of course there was the meal on Thanksgiving day and the desserts.  But then came the leftovers for four days.  This is where I failed because I knew that I was going to have pie or those evil sweet potatoes bathed in all that butter and sugar goodness - I should have kept track of everything else and not gone to far over board.  I lost track of what I was eating - this is dangerous.  I would not have gained so many pounds in 4 days if I just listened to my body and didn't overeat everything!  Good thing I did exercise!
          So, I move on.  I am back to tracking what I eat and have lost all the Thanksgiving pounds.  I am back on the wagon with a big giddyup! 


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