Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekend Day 1: Gingerbread Houses

          Still eating veges and my two fruits.  Today has been especially difficult.  Joey and I went to the regional farmer's market to fill up on more fruits and vegetables.  Of course along the many aisles of green, there were samples of pie, granola, cheese, nuts.  I did have 3 cocoa roasted almonds - they were super yummy.  I was very proud to say that I did not taste the other samples or even ask for a taste of Joey's homemade, hot from the oil, donut. 

          The evening brought our annual Gingerbread House decorating that we have been doing every year for 7 years with another family.  This was hard.  I made another big salad for me to eat and share.  Our friends brought pizza.  Just a few hours earlier we were discussing what our favorite foods are - mine:  pizza - of course.  I smelled it a whole lot, but didn't have any.  Leftovers are in the fridge - hope I don't sleep walk down to it tonight!   Not that I have ever done that.  Back to the Gingerbread Houses.   Decorating them involves tons of candy, pretzels, cereal, frosting - all the good stuff.  I didn't have a single taste.  WOW - that was hard.  What I wanted most was the starchy stuff - cereal, pretzels, etc.  Phew, that's done and all the candy is gone.  I feel like sometimes it's easier to not eat any of that stuff than to stop when I should and not overindulge.

          So, one successful weekend day.  I am hungry, but I just can't bring myself to have veges for an after dinner snack.  I think I will stick with a cup of tea.