Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Coming Clean...

              I haven’t written a blog post in a very long time.  Partly because of time, partly because I forget, partly because I don’t feel like I have a great deal to share on the subject of eating fit.   In the past year I have gained ten pounds.  Probably more if you count the pounds I have lost and then gained and then lost again.  It seems to go on so easy and takes a lot to get back off.  This seems to get worse as I get older.  Summer and the holidays seem to do it for me – it creeps up and I can’t get it off.  So, this fall I decided to see a nutritionist.  This comes after trying in the past a lot of other weight loss programs.  From the Oprah Winfrey low fat diet, to Slim Fast, to LA Weight Loss, to Shakeology.  After a lot of procrastination I made an appointment.  Yesterday was my second appointment!  That shows you how long it took me to call!  At the first appointment he made some suggestions and figured out how many calories I need to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week.  I hate those numbers because it takes so long to lose anything, but I know that losing slowly is the successful way to do it.  I knew he wouldn’t give me some magical answer, but deep down that’s what a really wanted.  Oh well.  Following the calorie allowance allowed me to lose about 3 pounds.  Then came Halloween!  That darn candy.  So, I begin again.

                At my appointment yesterday he asked me to do a detox for seven days.  Seven whole days!  OMG!  This detox includes eating two servings of fruit a day and vegetables the rest of the day.  Which he called "eating clean." It’s a real good thing I like vegetables.  When I protested he asked what I will miss the most.  I told him cereal and oatmeal in the morning for breakfast and believe it or not the chicken we eat for dinner.  Also, watching my family eat protein for dinner will be difficult.  Not being able to exercise as much or with the same intensity will be difficult too.  

                So today is day one.  So far I have had a pear, ½ banana, and a lot of veges with a little bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar (I know those two things are going to be my best friend this week!).  He told me that I could experience headaches and fatigue, but so far so good. 

                Tomorrow might be different.  We’ll see…

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