Friday, November 9, 2012

Coming Clean Day 4. Scale day...

          So, I braved the scale this morning.  Of course it was before my shower (so my hair is not wet), before I ate, and naked.  This is how I weigh in always.  I wouldn't want anything to add to that number on the scale!  I am officially down 6 pounds!  I was very worried about weighing in, b/c that is what usually derails me.  If the number is not what I expected, then I am dissappointed.  I am happy with this number.  I know it's not always about the number - of course I say that when I don't like the number on the scale.  It's more about health and how your clothes fit.  My jeans feel a little looser today.  Not sure if that is because of the few pounds that are gone or because I want them to feel roomier - or maybe they have just stretched out. 

          I am hungry though.  I had my apple and banana for breakfast, snow peas for snack and a big salad for lunch.  One good thing about eating veges raw is that they take a long time to chew!  Lunch was very tiring! Now it's time for my afternoon snack - snow peas again.  They are very sweet and again crunchy adding to that chewing thing. 

          So, I'll head to the kitchen for my snack and think about what the weekend will bring.  Oh no...


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